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Newage Bungalows Karjat:

A short drive. Yet, so far away.

Karjat forms the perfect weekend getaway destination, especially for the citizens of Mumbai and Pune. At a mere 50KM from Sion, your vacation home is but a short, one - hour drive away and you don't really need to "plan" your getway. Just perfect for those spur-of-the moment decisions. And once you get there, there's plenty to do. Whether it is trekking in the Sahyadris, trying your hand at water rafting in the Ulhas River, exploring the ancient Kondana Caves and the peth fort, or taking a trip to the nearby ND Studio, where you may just catch the making of the latest Bollywood Blockbuster! However, you might be content luxuriating in your villa instead. After all, the club offers you a host of amenities.

Recharge and rejuvenate. At Karjat.

When the dust, grime and the hectic city life gets to you, nothing rejuvenates better than a well-deserved weekend break. And, what could be better than spending the weekend relaxing in your own vacation home that's a short drive from the city? NewAge Realfin Pvt. Ltd. Brings you a sylvan retreat with Bungalows-Houses set amongst the hills of Karjat, that has the perfect ingredients to make your weekends as relaxing as they are memorable. A perfect weekend getaway destination for the discerning few, who find solace in nature's lap. Which is why, we've conceptualized the development in a way to give you an authentic "back-to nature" experience. With a minimal use of concrete and artificial materials, this development is as environment-friendly as it is unique, nestled amidst lush greenery and is surrounded by mountains and streams on all sides.

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